Middlesex, Oxford, Elgin Beekeepers' Association

Suppliers of material for your beekeeping.

Dominion & Grimm Inc.

Phone: 1 877 676 1914

E-mail: Heather@dominiongrimm.ca

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D&G is a proud supporter for all Ontario Beekeepers and we give a percentage of our sales back to the Beekeepers. D&G is diligent about selling Ontario and Canadian manufactured empty packaging containers for you. 95% of our glass in made in the USA (not China). You can reach us at 1-877-676-1914, www.dominiongrimm.ca or heather@dominiongrimm.ca if you need any assistance.

Oxford Honey & Supplies
Sales outlet for Benson Bee Supplies Ltd.

John Van Blyderveen
385296 Oxford County Rd. 59
Burgessville, ON
N0J 1C0
Telephone: 519-550-1096
E-mail: van3301@live.com

Ferguson Apiaries

39006 Zurich-Hensall Rd.
RR #2 Hensall On
N0M 1X0

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We are specializing in the production of Buckfast queens, nucs and hives for replacement and expansion for the beekeepers. We also produce specialty honeys sold locally

Munro Honey & Munro's Meadery

Mailing Address
3115 River St.
Alvinston, Ontario
N0N 1A0

(519) 847-5333

(519) 847-5340


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1-855-933-BEES (2337)

Email info@propolis-etc.ca

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